1 Day Blade to Shade Workshop : $750

This class is design for Microblading students, any artist seeking for more knowledge. Many artist are confused and have not yet understand the basic. In order to produce beautiful work is understand the why's, how's, don't and do's.  Demostration of common mistake. Learn the basic to avoid future mistake.  1- 4 students in course. 

Course: 10am - 5pm

Includes: Lunch, manual book.

Needle configuration


Learn about what all needles do, why and how to properly use it on skin. What needle to use on each texture skin.

Color Theory


Implanting pigment in live tissue as skin is completely different than coloring a paper. Learn how to mix, and produce the correct color after healed. 



Learn the proper speed for each setting for each procedure.  The power supply plays a huge difference in each treatment and skin.

Brow Design & Shaping $600

This class is hands on learning how to design brows on different bone structure. Customize shape for all type of face.  Brows are NOT one size fit all.  NO STENCILS! Mastering this  technique will train your eyes to see the fine details.

Class: 10 am - 4 pm 

Includes : Mini kit (Nancy's Favorite tools), Lunch. 


Advance Soft Ombre & Powder Brows $2500

Workshop for students with experience Professional Microbladers or PMU Artist striving to expand their skills and knowledge. This course is hands on experience, learn about powder brows techniques. 1- 4 students in course.      

Day 1: Learn 2 Style: Soft Ombre , Makeup Shading. Instructor Demonstration on live model a Full Treatment.   

Day 2: Live Model  


Course includes:  Lunch, Manual  Book,   Certification of Completion

Advance Classic/Ombre Eyeliner Technique: $1500 (Including mini kit)

Classic wing eyeliner. Workshop for students with experience with Microblading or PMU. All hands on experience, mastering this craft.  Student must bring their machine  and needles.  No more than 3 students in course.  

Class: 10am - 6 pm 

Day 1:Theory, Stretch Technique, Student practice,  Instructor demostration.  

Day 2: Live Models for Students with instructor supervising.   

Course  includes: Lunch, Manual Book, Certification of Completion

Advance Lip Blush / Full lips Technique/ Correction:$1500 ( Including mini kit)

Lip Blushing. Workshop for students with experience with PMU. Demonstration by Nancy N. on live model. All hands on experience, and mastering this craft. Student must bring their machine & needles. No more than 3 students in course. 

Class: 10am - 6 pm

Day 1:Theory, Stretch Technique, Student practice, Instructor demo. 

Day 2: Live Models for Students with instructor supervising.  

Course includes:  Lunch, Manual Book  / Certification of Completion

1 Day Advance Perfection Course $1250

This day is focus on areas you need improvement, learn the ticks and tips for mastering your craft. 

Course includes: Lunch, Cetification of Perfection

Prerequisite for Beginners

Required before class, to work on models:  

· Certificate of completion of Bloodborne Pathogen Training for Body Art (Approved Trainers only)  

·  Blood Borne Pathogens and communicable diseases certification. This is required. (No Exceptions)  

·  Biologix Solutions LLC  http://blxtraining.com/tattoopiercing-bbp/ (copy and paste to web browser)-

Beginners Microblading + Manual Shading Technique

No more than 3 students

* The purchase of PMU kit is required prior to attending any course.   

Students PMU Kits: $495 (non-refundable) 

 •7 Most Popular Pigments, 50 disposable Nano Micro-blades, 50 Micro-blades, 25 Disposable Pen  • 50 Disposable Ruler, 50 Disposable, 2 Design Pencil, 1 box razor blades, 1 brow scissor, 1 brow tweezers, 100 micro brush, 50 mascara brush, 50 lint free brush.  

Introduction to Microblading    

Beginner Level 1 Course: $800    

•Introductory of the Art of Microblading     


 •Sanitation And Sterilization    

Skin Anatomy    

•Business Protocol    

•Client Record    

•Color Theory   

•Topical Anesthetics And Their Uses    

•Preparation And Aftercare Guidelines  

•Business Marketing    

•Sterilize Table set up    

•Shaping Brows Accordingly to  Facial Bone Structure    

•Brow Design: Pre-draw Thread Technique    

•Identify Natural Hair Growth Patterns    

•Proper Position using the Microblade     

•Proper Needle Depth  

•Microblades / Needles Configurations     

•Practice Mannequin / Skin   


Live demostration & Hands-on   

Level 2: $800     

•Learn Pigment Line    

•Hands on Brow Design / Shaping    

•Practice on silicone skin    

•Edit Model photos     

•Practice on silicone    

•Hands on Brow Design / Shaping    

•Live Microblading Models for Students   

Live Model & Design  

Level 3: $800    

•Hands on Brow Design / Shaping     

•Live Microblading + Shading Model for Students    

•Test / Certification of Completion  

Additonal:  Student schedule a day to come back shadowing session.     


Manual Book  

Certification of completion      

Additional 1:1 Shadowing Session (1 year expiration for the day course)

Privacy Policy

*Contour Brows, LLC dba Contour Brow Academy is not a licensed private vocational program as defined under A.R.S. § 32-3021. All private instruction and/or workshop sessions are provided for individuals interested in advanced cosmetic techniques and/or for recreational purposes. The use of microblading, permanent makeup, and other cosmetic application techniques may lead to injury and cause permanent damage to the skin. Such techniques should only be performed by an experienced professional.